Welcome to Pleasure School — a 12-month learning experience for anyone who is ready to explore the exciting and healing depths of their true sexual essence. It’s an online classroom that makes the study of sex, intimacy, conscious connections and embodiment available to everyone.

Every month for 12 months, students of Pleasure School access members-only educational content across a range of engaging formats including written, audio, video and guided home study. 

Pleasure School is led by its principal teacher, renowned Australian sexologist Juliet Allen. Juliet is also joined by other teachers who are pioneering in the fields of sexuality, relationships and holistic health.

Pleasure School's 12-Month Learning Experience Includes . . .

Two Video Lessons Each Month

Students have access to a cumulative library of video lessons with Juliet Allen and other teachers who are pioneering in the fields of sexuality, relationships and holistic health. Two new video lessons are added each month.

Guided Home Study

Guided home study accompanies many of the lessons in Pleasure School. Study includes journaling questions, activities and actions that will lead to deeper connection, intimacy and sex with self and others.

Guided Meditations

Sit back, relax and enjoy guided meditations that encourage you to connect with your body, mind and sex centre. This includes a guided meditation for couples.

Ecstatic Sex & Deep Intimacy eBook

Juliet shows you how to live the ancient art of Tantra in modern times, and gives us tools to maximise pleasure and experience orgasmic states.

Pleasure School Sneak Peak ...

  • Tantric Self Pleasure & Orgasm 
  • Sex Magic, Blood Magic & Manifestation
  • Sacred Feminine Series
  • Sacred Masculine Series
  • The Sacred Art of Pussy & Cock Worship
  • Money & Pleasure
  • Clearing Sexual Taboo
  • Ejaculation Control & Mastery and so much more …

The secret to a pleasurable, exciting and connected sex life is simple. But here’s the thing - the journey to great sex starts within.

And that’s what students explore and learn in their 12-month enrolment at Pleasure School.

From creating a balanced lifestyle supported by positive, powerful relationships, to establishing a strong inner union and an inner confidence and a love for life, the lessons Juliet teaches at Pleasure School will transform the way you think about yourself and your sexuality.

Accessible & Practical 

Pleasure School is as practical as it is deep. The online classroom format allows you to explore your true sexual essence in the comfort of your own home, with a lover or alone. Afterall, the most important relationship we have is with ourselves.

Holistic & Connected 

Juliet approaches sex and connection holistically. All Pleasure School video lessons include her signature, down-to-earth teaching style as well as inspiring and informative lessons from other experts. Juliet also offers students effective exercises and real-life advice.


Pleasure School is now closed. Doors open again for new student enrolments on November 2nd, 2020!









Your Investment

$499 USD upfront payment, or 2 x payments of $287 USD. This investment covers the entire 12-month Pleasure School experience with unlimited access.

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Student Testimonials

"Pleasure School was one of the most eye opening teachings I’ve taken the time to explore on my own ... I learnt so much about the way I relate to myself and others and became open to exploring the endless pleasure my own body has to offer. I’ve experienced so much in the last year ... I can’t wait to redo this course now with and from a new perspective."

- Mimi Elashiry

“The universe led me to Juliet on Instagram after a very toxic and abusive relationship/engagement. At that time I was seeing a therapist, but I was struggling to accept forms of intimacy. Not just with a partner, but with myself too. I decided to join Pleasure School and regularly listen to her podcasts. I’m so happy I did! Juliet, her podcasts and Pleasure School have played a huge role in my feminine energy healing process. Especially after watching the videos about yoni healing. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and experiences with us Juliet!”
- Samia Yunus

"I came to Juliet after a few bad break-ups, wanting to break the cycle and learn from past mistakes. She helped me uncover my fear of intimacy and gave me the tools to move past it. Body confidence has also been a huge issue for me, and we worked on that too. I never used to feel comfortable naked, with myself or even around long-term partners, but now I just want to be naked all the time! I have a new appreciation for my body, myself and my innate femininity."  
- Amy

"Juliet is such a powerful woman. With her presence and divine energy she lights up the room. She definitely knows how to tap into the energy of her students. And I just love the way she brings her wisdom; very authentic and with lots of humour. If you’re looking for someone who can help you find balance within the healthy masculine and feminine, then Juliet is definitely the right person to connect with."  

- Victorine

"My partner and I enrolled in Pleasure School with the intention of improving our sex life. We've been married 13 years and needed something new. Anyhow, we got what we wanted, plus so much more that we didn't expect. The money and sex lessons were my favourite! Money has always been a stress in our relationship and now it feels easier to talk about, which means we are happier (and hornier lol). Thank you so much, I think you saved our marriage!"

- Lucas

"I started working with Juliet right after a breakup and it was the perfect remedy to my heartbreak. Her lessons helped me connect with myself and what I wanted in life, and supported me to explore sex with myself (which I hadn't done much of before). I really loved the ecstatic sex workshops, too, and can't wait to practice them with potential new lovers! Thank you so much."

- Elle

"Juliet Allen has the gift of an innate understanding of modern female sexuality. A new generation of women has been long seeking a leader who speaks our language on the subject of desire and sexual gratification. We should look no further than this woman, who is not only in touch with our needs, but exudes the very essence of what it is to be a sexual woman in this day and age."  

- Zoe 

"My Pleasure School journey began when my wife signed up and asked me to join her watching the lessons. This was why I began the journey, but it's not the reason why I stayed in Pleasure School. I began to learn so much about myself ... mostly the way I handle situations in my relationship and the way I show up for myself and my wife. I learned not only how to communicate my needs better, but I also gained the knowledge I had been seeking to actually love myself and grow as an individual. It opened up so many doors for me and I couldn't be more stoked that my wife got me involved!"

- Micky

"Juliet’s work has had an incredible impact on my life.  In Pleasure School I have flourished in my sexuality and sexual pursuits. I am no longer tethered to a shadow version of my sexual expressions. My sexual intelligence continues to grow through deeper understanding of the mind, body, and spirit in sexual explorations.  Juliet has an intrinsic talent for guidance of the authentic self.  I would recommend Juliet’s Pleasure School to anyone seeking to open their minds in and around their sexual expressions and explorations. You will not be disappointed. In fact it’ll be quite the opposite."

- Asabi

"Pleasure School has brilliant, real and authentic content. As a counsellor I was looking for insightful and authentic content, beyond the biology and statistics - just some real, relatable and valuable information to enlighten a deeper understanding of intimacy and sexuality. Juliet and the Pleasure School teachers bring a broad view point and discuss all things sex, communication, connection and intimacy. They educate, enlighten and awaken a deeper understanding of one's sexuality. Each lesson is short enough to digest, easy enough for all to understand, and relatable too. I highly recommend Pleasure School to anyone interested in broadening their sexual understanding."
- Nu
"Juliet has touched us with her magic, enlightened us with her wisdom and saved our relationship when we needed help. We deep dived into Juliet's Authentic Sex Podcast in the early stages of our relationship when we discovered the distance between our sexual energy. We have learned so much by having an educated voice to guide us -we've found a level of comfort and understanding, and also found the courage to experiment and embrace our vulnerability with love and respect. This woman has saved us and taught us perspectives and new forms of intimacy which have shaken our world. For this alone, we are so grateful. Bless this woman for her gift. Thank you."
- Sam
"I've been with Pleasure School for a year and am planning on continuing! I've learned so much about myself on this journey. I was in an abusive relationship and have been struggling with it since then. I really wanted to work on my relationship and intimacy trauma before dating again. While doing so, I learned so much about loving and accepting myself. Especially through all of the Tantra classes. I really wanted to live a Tantric life within and Pleasure School has truly helped me embody that through my body, mind and soul. Thank you Juliet. "
- Samia
"Pleasure School has been an absolutely invaluable experience. I highly recommend it. Juliet and her teachers provide so much golden wisdom and thought into the weekly lessons and they also provide simple, practical tips you can try in your day to day life. Their commitment to helping other human beings liberate themselves with purpose is so pure. I'm a big 'fuck yes' to liberation and expansion and am so grateful for the guidance Pleasure School has given me."
- Anonymous

Have Questions? Read our FAQ's

Yes, Pleasure School is open for women and men, and inclusive of all gender and sexual identities.

Pleasure School is a 12-month learning experience. Students graduate 12 months after their Pleasure School enrolment begins.

A one-time payment of $499 USD, or 2 x instalments of $287 USD. Your investment covers the entire 12-month experience.

Pleasure School opens again for new student enrolments on November 11th, 2020. 

Juliet opens Pleasure School three times each calendar year. March, July, and November. November 11th 2020 is when enrolments open again.

Yes, most definitely! Juliet always aims to use inclusive language, and every exercise within the school is designed for people of all genders and sexual identities.

Absolutely not. Pleasure School is designed for anyone who wants to lead a healthier, more sexually fulfilling life — whether single or in any type of relationship.

Yes! Juliet has designed the lessons for everyone — men and women, as well as any person who does not identify as either male or female. There is a specific section in the school for men - 'The Sacred Masculine Series'.

Depending on how fast you study, the content will take approximately three hours per month. But the idea is that you go at your own pace and enjoy the lessons and guided home study. And of course, you can return to all lessons and study whenever you want.

For 12 months from the day that you begin Pleasure School. You'll have unlimited access to the content anytime, anywhere in the world.

Definitely! And even if you consider yourself more ‘experienced’, you will still learn a lot about yourself, your relationship with sex and how to lead a happy, fulfilling life through Pleasure School’s 12-month learning experience.

You sure can! If you’re both invested in personal development and are committed to working towards a deeper connection and great sex, then this is a great opportunity to study at Pleasure School together.

All sexual empowerment begins with us as individuals, so if your partner isn't interested, don’t worry — Pleasure School is perfect to do solo! Once you begin implementing what you’ve learnt, your partner is bound to start taking more interest, and your relationship and sex will transform.

Sorry, you can't. Pleasure School is a 12-month experience, paid either upfront, or 2 x payments of $177 USD. Cancellations and refunds are not permitted.

Unfortunately refunds are not available for Pleasure School.

Sorry, we don’t offer a free trial option.

Yes, you need wifi to study at Pleasure School.

Unfortunately not, but you have 12 months access to the lessons so you can always spend more time at Pleasure School the following month!

Yes. As a member of Pleasure School, you will have a unique login and password to all content. No one will see or know that you are a member, and all of your details are kept private.


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